24 Eylül 2017

Keynote Speakers



Orhan Güvenen

Prof. Güvenen is full professor of Strategic Decision Systems, Econometrics and International Economics at Bilkent University. He is also Director of the “Institute of  World Systems, Economies and Strategic Research” (DSEE) and the Chairman of the Department of  Accounting Information Systems, “Executive Committee Member and the Chairman of the Advisory Board on Strategy, Economy and Industry of National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM). Additional to this information, he is “Member of Board of Trustees” at Istanbul Gedik University and the president of  ” Applied Econometrics Association”.  He is founding president of Turkish Statistical Association.



Assoc. Prof.

Carlos Manuel Agra Coelho

Carlos A. Coelho is Associate Professor, withHabilitation, at the Mathematics Department of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Ph.D. in Biostatistics by the University of Michigan, and Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute, his main areas of research are Mathematical Statistics and Distribution Theory, namely exact and near-exact distributions for likelihood ratio test statistics used in Multivariate Analysis. Areas of interest are also Estimation, Univariate and Multivariate Linear, Generalized Linear and Mixed Models, as well as Computational Statistics. In a 2004 paper in the Journal of Multivariate Analysis, he laid the foundations for what he called ’near-exact distributions’. Since then these distributions have been successfully applied to a large number of statistics, with more than 40 papers published on this topic.



Karl-Théodor Eisele 

Karl-Théodor Eisele is professor emeritus of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at University of Strasbourg, and member of Laboratoire de Recherche en Gestion et Économie (LARGE) and Institut de Recherche Mathématique avancée (IRMA). He joined the University of Strasbourg in 1988. Before, he held several positions at the universities of Heidelberg, Zürich, and New York. From 1996 to 2006 he was responsible for the actuarial program at Strasbourg. He is a Fellow of the German Association for Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and of Swiss Association of Actuaries.  His research is related to compound claim distributions in non-life insurances, ruin probability, multi-period risk assessment, and mathematics of solvency for insurances and financial institutions.




Maria Ivette Gomes

Prof Ivette Gomes is professor at University of Lisbon, Departamento de Estatística e Investigação Operacional, Center for Statistics and Applications, Portugal, Lisbon. Her main field of research is semi-parametric and non-parametric estimation of parameters of extreme events, with applications to finance, insurance, life sciences and environment.




Dimitrios George Konstantinidis

Dimitrios G. Konstantinidis was born in Thessaloniki where he had his elementary education. Later he continued in gymnasium in Larissa and he finished the lyceum in Athens at Kalithea.  After entrance exams he became student of the Department of Mathematics in University of Athens. For his M.Sc. degree he went to Kiev at the Mechaniko-Mathematical Department of the Kiev National University, named after Shevtshenko, with supervisor M.V. Kartashov. Next for his doctoral studies he entered to the Mechaniko-Mathematical Department of the Moscow State University, named after Lomonossov, with supervisor A.D. Solovyev. He began his academic career in Technical University of Crete for six years where he taught to students of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering. Then he continued to the University of the Aegean at the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial – Financial Mathematics.





Ashis SenGupta is Professor (HAG) at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India. He is an Adjunct Professor at Department of Biostat & Epidemiology,​ ​Georgia Regents University, Augusta, USA. His research areas are mainly in Directional Statistics and Multivariate Statistical Analysis. He is Editor of Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae, Japan. He is also Ex Editor-in-chief of Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Springer and JISPS, Springer. He is an ​Elected Member of International Statistical Institute, and Fellow of National Academy of Sciences (India) and American Statistical Association (USA).



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