15 Ekim 2017

Abstract Writing Rules

Format For Contributed Papers and Posters

The paper summaries that will be submitted to 10th Statistics Congress will be prepared similar to the Writing Plan, General Format and in the desired shape of the example. A standard layout exists for all submitted papers.

-Please click this link to download the sample of the abstract.

Page Setup

The page setup of paper and poster summaries that will be prepared as  1(one) Full Page will be according to the table below.

Paper Size A4
Left Margin 2,5 cm
Top Margin 2,5 cm
Right Margin 2,5 cm
Bottom Margin 2,5 cm
Font Family Times New Roman
Font Size 11pt
Writing Language English
Number of Pages 1 Full Page

Writing Style

  • The contributed papers and posters summary must be submitted in MS Word.
  • Text must be written by using Times New Roman font and font size must be 11pt.
  • A blank space should follow every punctuation mark.

Writing Plan

The titles must be centered. Paragraphs and line beginnings must start from the left margin. Body text alignment must be in justified mode.


The paper will be in ENGLISH. You should inform the Organizing Committee about your choice of presentation language when you submit the paper. Narration must be by the third person and the sentences must be short and clear.

Line Spacing

Single line spacing must be used.

Paragraph Spacing

Single line spacing should be preserved between paragraphs. One extra line spacing should be preserved between, mathematical signs or equalities, tables and figures.

Mathematical Symbols/Equalities

MS Word Equation Editor must be used for formulas. Size of symbols and sub-symbols must be 10 pt and subscripts/superscripts must be 8 pt.

General Format

Please click to download abstract sample.


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